Project 1:  Finding the Accessibility Around You

Due:  Thursday, September, 7th  *in class*

The purpose of this project is to find the access technology that is already around you in your devices and environment, and try it out. You’ll then present your experience to the rest of the class, to help broaden our collective exposure to different kinds of access technologies.

You should leave the project with deep knowledge of one accessibility feature, and a breadth of knowledge of many different accessibility features.

I don’t want to bias you too much in what you choose to present on, but one quick tip for finding something is to Google or Youtube “<some technology you use> accessibility” or “assistive technology” and see what comes up. Maybe you can find something about your computer or phone or Internet of Thing device. You might try looking for accessibility features of online content sites, or social media, something you use here at CMU, etc.

Pick a specific feature of the item you present, try it out, and write about it in a slide to present for the class.  Add your slide to the
communal slide deck. Be sure to include your name, so you can get credit for it!

Only one person can present on each topic, so please be sure to add a slide for your feature as soon as you decide on it, then complete the slide. This is to ensure some breadth in coverage of different features.

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